We join families in their journey toward coping with life challenges and meeting their goals. We help families establish positive habits in their communication with each other that will provide them with opportunities for peaceful, enjoyable, and productive conversations and quality time with each other. Sometimes families need help addressing difficult behavior, particularly that of a child. Avail works with families to establish plans that help them manage stress, find effective coping skills, and encourage more positive, productive behaviors. The needs of families are many, and these are only examples of the goals Avail can help your family achieve.


We offer relationship counseling, premarital counseling, marital counseling, and intimacy counseling. We offer relationship counseling for all types of relationships! We have a National Association of Sexual Freedom (NASF) KAP counselor who provides services to the BDSM and LGBTQ+ communities. Together we will work on communication skills to strengthen and enrich the core of your relationship.


We understand that changing habits and making life decisions can be difficult. Sometimes a decision or an event in your life can create chaos and pain. We believe that hope exists. We can help you define your personal goals and work toward achieving them. We offer individualized counseling services for children, adolescents, and adults that meet clients where they are. We also offer several individualized therapeutic techniques which include: play therapy, sand tray therapy, sound therapy, and art therapy. During our time together, we can work to create individualized tools to help you gain personal insight and work toward growth and wellness.


Leading people is not an easy task, and managing the work/life balance is increasingly difficult. Avail can provide services to business owners and leaders to increase their abilities in leading and managing effectively. We can also assist employees in developing healthy habits that improve productivity and manage stress. Additionally, we excel in guiding individuals and groups through smooth and effective change efforts that promote consistency and effectiveness.

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