Sensory Impairment Policy

Communicating Information to Persons with Sensory Impairments

Avail Services, LLC will take such steps as are necessary to ensure that qualified persons with disabilities, including those with impaired sensory or speaking skills, receive effective notice concerning benefits or services or written material concerning waivers of rights or consent to treatment. All aids needed to provide this notice are provided without cost to the person being served.

For Persons with Hearing Impairments:
Qualified sign-language interpreter – For persons who are deaf/hearing impaired and who use sign-language as their primary means of communication, the following procedure has been developed and resources identified for obtaining the services of a qualified sign-language interpreter to communicate both verbal and written information:
Brett Willis will obtain the sign-language interpreter.

Note: Family members and friends should not be used as interpreters. The only case when this is acceptable is when the client has been made aware of the availability of qualified sign language interpreters at no additional charge and, without any coercion whatsoever, chooses the services of family members or friends).

For Persons with Visual Impairments:
Reader/Staff will communicate the content of written materials concerning benefits, services, waivers of rights, and consent to treatment forms by reading them out loud to visually impaired persons. Large print, taped, and Braille materials will be made available as necessary.

For Persons with Speech Impairments:
Writing materials, typewriters, TDD, and computers are available to facilitate communication concerning program services and benefits, waivers of rights, and consent to treatment forms.